Welcome to ULTIMO Productions, the boutique-style audio recording service exclusively designed for classical music. Inaugurated by concert pianist Andreas Klein in 1987, we offer on- location concert recordings and sessions, as well as related audio services for soloists and ensembles nationwide. We provide our clients finished masters for commercial release of CDs, broadcasts, or short run demo recordings.


  • Concert recordings (in digital multitrack format or stereo) include some editing and transfer to replication or broadcast-ready CDs with printed labels
  • Comprehensive CD productions include selection of suitable venue, digital recording, editing, post-production effects, mastering, limited graphic design (for demo CDs)
  • Conversion of analog stereo recordings to any digital format
  • Some restoration on older analog recordings


Andreas Klein, an international concert pianist, shares his expertise and extensive involvement in recording productions with soloists and ensembles since 1987. His mission is simple, yet demanding: "provide the finest technology combined with impeccable service at realistic fees to classical musicians nationwide."

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The challenge of classical music production

Compared to recording other genres of music, classical music is performed as a finished composition and the musicians have rehearsed the work arriving at a concept of how to play (interpret) the music. Therefore, a recording is basically an aural snapshot of a performance of the composition, whether in its entirety as in a concert, or in parts during recording sessions.

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Audio Technology

We provide the most "musical" sounding digital technology, DSD and DXD for all our recordings. These formats enable us to record, edit and master for any CD replication such as conventional CD; Super Audio CD (SACD) featuring high-definition stereo, high-definition 5.1 surround sound, and conventional 44.1kHz CD; DVD-A or any future consumer format. Depending on the final product, we can select from any sampling and bit rate, and we are equipped to transfer between a multitude of digital and analog formats.

We utilize only high-end tube and solid state Neumann and Schoeps microphones in a variety of configurations such as Blumlein technique, Decca tree, and the more common A-B and X-Y setup. In general, we adhere to the "less is better" approach, with properly positioned microphones and very little or no manipulation of the original signal path.

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