Andreas Klein, an international concert pianist, shares his expertise and extensive involvement in recording productions with soloists and ensembles since 1987. His mission is simple, yet demanding: “provide the finest technology combined with impeccable service at realistic fees to classical musicians nationwide.”

Because of his musical training (Juilliard School, New York: postgraduate Diploma; Rice University, Houston: D.M.A), he has a perceptive understanding of the artist’s vision, and approaches every project with a keen sense of beautiful sound and the sound stage, striving to
deliver a perfect master to his clients.

His interest for recordings and technology started as a teenager, when he acquired his first tape recorder, a Telefunken Magnetophon 85. It was a mono recorder with the complimentary AKG/Telefunken D19. Soon after the arrival of stereo recordings for consumers, he purchased a UHER Royale tape recorder and “upgraded” to Sennheiser MD421 microphones. This analog equipment was the starting point for exploring various aspects of audio production. Upon completing his piano studies, he was able to collect condenser and tube microphones and
acquire the professional high end technology for multitrack recording and editing.

Initially recording mainly concerts, he was eventually asked to provide full recording services for orchestras, choirs, chamber ensembles and soloists. He has held positions as Director of Audio Recording at the American Festival for the Arts, TX; the Peninsula Music Festival, WI; and the Brevard Music Festival, NC. Among the artists to perform in his productions were Joshua Bell, Midori, Lynn Harrell, and Andre Watts. He produced concert recordings for NPR affiliate radio stations and worked with PBS on a series of short piano videos, “Intermezzo with Andreas Klein”, in which he performed and provided professional audio sound tracks. More recently, he was the audio consultant for the new Performing Arts Center at Adelphi University, Garden City,NY, selecting audio gear for the concert hall and providing guidance for proper installation of
audio equipment.

He is an active member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) staying informed about the newest trends in audio technologies and delivery formats.

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