We provide the most “musical” sounding digital technology, DSD and DXD for all our recordings. These formats enable us to record, edit and master for any CD replication such as conventional CD; Super Audio CD (SACD) featuring high-definition stereo, high-definition 5.1 surround sound, and conventional 44.1kHz CD; DVD-A or any future consumer format. Depending on the final product, we can select from any sampling and bit rate, and we are equipped to transfer between a multitude of digital and analog formats.

We utilize only high-end tube and solid state Neumann and Schoeps microphones in a variety of configurations such as Blumlein technique, Decca tree, and the more common A-B and X-Y setup. In general, we adhere to the “less is better” approach, with properly positioned microphones and very little or no manipulation of the original signal path.


Brauner Microphones

  • Tube Microphones: matched pair of VMAs

Neumann Microphones

  • Tube Microphones: 3 (matched) M150; 2 (matched) M149
  • Condenser Microphones in matched pairs: TLM 170; TLM 171; TLM 50-S; KM140
  • Stereo Microphone: SM 69fet

Schoeps Microphones

  • CMC6 and M222 (tube) preamplifiers with MK 2H; MK 22; MK4, MK 41, MK8
  • in matched pairs

Microphone Preamplifiers

  • Millennia HV3-3D 16 channels
  • Merging Technologies’s Horus 16 channels

Analog-Digital-Analog Converters

  • Merging Technologie’s Horus 16 channels A-D-A up to DSD/DXD
  • DAD Sphynx2 (Axiom) 8 channel AD-DA converter up to 192kHZ 24Bit (PCM) and DSD/DXD format

Digital Audio Workstations

  • Pyramix DSD/DXD multi-track system

Digital Recorders

  • Tascam DA-98HR (8 Channel Digital Recorder)
  • Sony PCM 800 (8 Channel Digital Recorder)
  • Sony CDR W66 Recorder (stereo)
  • Sony R500 DAT Recorder (stereo)
  • JoeCo 24 channel digital recorder 96k

Mixing consoles

  • Studer/Revox C279 analog (6 channels)

Monitors and Amplification

  • Krell 200 amplifier
  • B&W 801 Series 3 Reference loudspeakers
  • Genelec 5.1 DSP surround system with 8240A, 7260A
  • Grace Design m906 monitor controller

Other equipment

  • Revox PR99 Mk III Analog Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder
  • Nespresso Coffee Machine

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